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St. Anthony's Physician Ambassadors provided a grant to Lemay Child and Family Center for a children's bus to assist with healthy living activities.


St. Anthony's Physician Ambassadors

The Mission of The Physician Ambassadors is to raise the overall health of the community by developing a culture of philanthropy at St. Anthony's Medical Center while promoting and fostering organizational partnerships that provide individuals in need important health information and access to healthy living opportunities.

With proceeds from their annual fundraising efforts, The Physician Ambassadors present community health and outreach grants to projects implemented within St. Anthony's service area.

Edward L. Burns, M .D.

Anna DeSaix, D.P.O.
Dana C. Galbraith, M.D.
Perry Geistler, M.D.
Matthew J. Gibfried, M.D.
Nick Gourtzelis, M.D.
R. William Morris, M.D., M.B.A
David J. Morton, M.D., F.A.C.C.
Paul A. Oberle, M.D.
Douglas Parashak, M.D.
Ralph Silverman, M.D.

Robert W. Smith, M.D.
George Thampy, M.D.
Steven West, M.D.
Paul Young, M.D.